In the Details: The Flower Girl

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

For the weekly In the Details post we've talked about everything from sweets to headpieces.  As I thought about what detail to feature this week, I kept going back to the adorable flower girl.  Of course it all starts with the cutest attire.

After deciding what the flower girls will wear, there are so many other creative and fun ways to incorporate elements of your big day or the style of your bridal party on the littlest ones in your wedding. Why should your bridesmaids be the only one wearing lovely headpieces, a lovely bloom headband would be just and lovely on your flower girls.

Of course the flower girl has a duty, so while she's sprinkling blooms down the aisle give her something creative to carry.

If you're wedding has a specific theme, incorporate that detail with the flower girl so instead of blooms use leaves for an Autumn wedding.  You could also have them blow bubbles or ring bells

Now, let's be honest, not always does the flower girl remember her duty on the big day, so why not give them something fun to do like wave a floral wand or one made of cupcake liners.

Maybe a pinwheel

they could also carry a single bloom or they can just wear a corsage.

Above all have fun with this detail. The littlest ones in your wedding party are definitely excited to be flower girls and will love not only dressing up but all the little details that come with this distinguished duty.

{details: dresses 1/ 2/ 3 from j.crew; images 4-9, 13 from martha stewart weddings; images 10-12 from brides}

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