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>> Monday, August 24, 2009

There are so many ways to infuse style into a wedding. One detail I have noticed recently is the use of vintage china as part of the reception decor. I have to admit that using vintage china adds a certain flair to the reception. I swooned over this wedding as I'm sure others did from the various collections of vintage china used.

This isn't the only wedding that used vintage china as a key decor element to their wedding. This wedding is one of my many favorites and is filled with plenty of eye candy you have to see for yourself, but the china used for this wedding is simply divine.

{photos by Jennifer Dery}

What I like about using vintage china for the reception is it feels intimate as if friends and family have been invited to dinner. Whether the china comes from a family collection or one you scour antique shops to look for in the end you have an unexpected treat for guest and a lovely collection of china to use {or admire} later.

Need inspiration? Look at this lovely table design from Flush Designs.

As always I hope this detail I'm loving inspires your own details for your special day.


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