A Few Little Things

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Theres a few items I've spotted while playing catch up with my blog reader that I wanted to share and think you will like too.

1. Michael Kors Hint-T Strap Wedge. This is such a lovely shoe I've already imagined what outfits these shoes would work perfectly with. They're added to my wishlist.

2. Having fallen in love with this place, I thought this Fine T 4-Cup Gourmet Tea Machine would be perfect for me or any tea lover. Again another item to add to the wishlist. This would also make a perfect wedding registry item.

3. Button Up Ruffle Capelet. I think this would be such a wonderful "transition" jacket for fall. Plus, can't you see how fabulous those Michael Kors shoes would look with this jacket? Me Too!

4. This Herringbone Bucket Hat, has peeked my interest I may have to travel to the store to see how it looks first.


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