In the Details: the Cake Topper

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

When it comes to your wedding cake I'm sure that you've designed, daydreamed and maybe even had the tasting for your cake, but have you thought about what will top the cake? Sure some cakes need no topper at all but before you rule out a cake topper, look at it as the cherry on top of this delectable dessert.

Stay traditional- whether it's classic or vintage there is nothing wrong with traditional toppers, especially since they never go out of style.

or you can Mix in the florals--why not incorporate the flowers in your bouquet to your cake design.

Add a little whimsy--who says you can't add a little character to your cake with a fun and creative topper like these.

Get Crafty--channel your inner craftista or your best friends crafty skills and make a creative cake topper like one of these. Use paper punches, quilling or crepe paper cut outs for these crafty projects.

Try the unexpected--I remember when the issue of InStyle Weddings magazine featuring these tiaras as cake toppers came out and I thought how innovative and even years later it is still a wonderful idea.

Other unexpected options would be toppers that used candy dishes or a basket of fruit made from marzipan

Hopefully these inspiring photos of cake toppers will get you to think about one little detail that sometimes is forgotten.

{photo credits: Martha Stewart Weddings #1-3,5,8-10,12,13;goosegrease #7;lollipop workshop #6;InStyle Weddings #4,11}


2 By Design February 1, 2010 at 5:03 PM  

So beautiful. I opted for pale pink peonies on top of our simple white cake, but seeing these makes me want a do-over!

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