Let's Bake-Holiday Edition

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In my family we have a baking marathon. There are usually more sweet treats than side dishes. For me it's a dream, for my waist, not so much. I can't imaging that holiday baking isn't the same for you lovelies. Whether your just an expert taste-tester or master chef of the spritz cookie, here are some pretty baking goods too lovely to not desire.

If you're using your secret sugar cookie recipe to make sweet gifts for friends and neighbors, use this Message in a Cookie cutters to share your holiday wishes or leave a note for Santa.

If you don't have a secret sugar cookie recipe try this one.

Test out your favorite muffin and bread recipes with these Holiday inspired molds.

Star Making Mold

or this silicone muffin tray

Who hasn't dealt with a batch of Gingerbread men that are a bit fussy to free from your cookie sheet. This gingerbread man cakelets pan will change that issue.

Not interested in searching for a gingerbread recipe, try this.

Of course you can find an array of cookie cutters to suit your baking needs.

Sure this is just a light representation of all the baking products out there but I hope you're inspired to start planning your holiday baking whether you're a pro or novice.


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