Friday Faves

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Friday lovely readers. We've come to my favorite part of the week. Friday Favorites. This week it's all about those pretty little things we would have a hard time passing up.

Saving loose change? Why not use this updated piggy bank to do it.

{discovered here, image from here}

How fabulous is this

or this

and this?

When I saw these that Hostess inside of me got giddy. How useful would these be at a large soiree for the holidays or a Wedding? After getting one of these you'll be spending your time gathering drink recipes.

{discovered here}

Looking for a way to share your art, these stylish pin up frames will definitely work. Plus, there is no fuss when hanging your wall art. Forget wall art and use these as a decorative element in your wedding or next soiree.

{discovered here}

If you've got any big ideas you're looking to put down on paper this notepad will give you all the brainstorming space you need to jot down all those wonderful ideas, sketches and designs.

{discovered here}


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