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>> Monday, August 10, 2009

I remember when I saw this wedding a few years ago in Martha Stewart Weddings. I loved every element of the wedding and thought how creative and yet unthinkable at the time to make paper a primary decorating element.

Fast forward to today and there isn't a wedding that doesn't include paper and/or paper crafts. This weeks details is all about lovely paper projects that I hope will inspire.

You may have a flashback with these Honeycomb Tissue Paper balls but everything that is old is new again right? Plus these lovely and inexpensive tissue paper balls are a great way to fill a room with color creatively.

Speaking of decorating, think about paper rosettes. Ever since I saw these here, I thought this is an easy way to creatively decorate a space that may not need a lot of decor or that has restrictions.

Paper decor isn't limited to decorations alone. The lovely paper garlands that are created by D.Sharp are lovely and unexpected decorating element to a traditonal wedding cake like these.

If you're ready to incorporate paper into your event or just want to see what other projects may inspire you, here are a few links to help you get started.

Create your own paper bouquets

or use one of these kits to assist in creating lovely paper bouquets for other elements of your wedding.

Of course countless paper decorating elements can be found here. Whether you include incorporate a small to large amount of paper crafts to decorate your wedding, in the end always make it about you.


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