I Got That Feelin'

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

I saw this lovely little thing on a few blogs and decided to visit the shop. As I looked, I slowly felt this feeling. It's something those of us addicted to bags or shoes feel, where we start dreaming about how lovely that item we now covet would look with this outfit, or how I could use this for that trip I'm taking... the reasoning can go on and on.

I looked at this bag and thought... #1 I need a demin bag to replace one I had {the handle broke and can't be repaired}. #2 It will hold any and everything (what's not to love). #3 Who doesn't need a big bag? Of course I've got my fair share of big "carry all" bags but who's counting? I've set my sights on this one. Look around the shop, you'll fall in love too.

{photo from here}


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