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>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have a niece who of course has a Christmas list filled with all types of things she would like to see underneath the tree. Well, for those of you who need gift ideas for kids... This is for you.

For the Aspiring Artist... this Art-To-Go is the perfect to aide in instant inspiration.

What better way to exercise those arms than with the George of the Jungle Toss. Its nostalgic and filled with fun. If you want to get creative offer prizes to anyone who can get three in a row.

There's no time like the present to work on that golf game. This Noonan Mini Golf Game is a perfect way to past time {especially on those rainy days}. This is cool too.

If music is something they love this Band in a Box will provide plenty of melodious tunes {maybe less melody ?}.

If those little ones want to take their music on the road this, this or this is perfect.

If they're facinated with aviation, this Airport Play Center will allow for hours of imaginative play.

If its not planes that spark their interest try a forklift or fire engine.

These Spelling Blocks can be fun and educational all in one.

I admit, I loved the kitchen I got for christmas as a little girl and love that you can have a kitchen to cook up all your delectable delights or take them to the market.

Finally, for the speedster these vintage styled race cards make the indoors or outdoors a perfect race track.

Ok this is the last one :)
If you're just not sure what to get for little ones, go with their interest and look at a gift bag filled with their favorite goodies. Ideas are here.


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