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>> Thursday, September 6, 2007

As a confessed purse-a-holic {no treatment needed, just more purses please!}I now look for purses that are different and well aren't the norm. Recently I've thought about customizing some of my purses to capture my style. Then I thought why keep this to myself and I should share it with you. If you're looking for a way to show off your style too--then let's customize! Yes, customizing a purse can get pricy but in the end what you have is a purse/bag/tote that reflects your personal style. Plus before you know it, everyone you know will be walking around with a purse similar to yours {you are a style maven--it's inevitable}. I traveled the web and found some great places that will let you style your purse for you.

The first place I began my customized journey is at the website you've heard Faye and Greer chat a lot about.... Freddy and Ma
There are so many styles to choose from that next to picking your pattern selecting your style will be the hardest thing to do. Who says you should stop at one? If you see two styles you love give a gift to your self {you always deserve it} I love the Cape Fear Bowler, Ready for a new purse? Start creating here

{**Here's a wonderful tip... If you're a bride looking for something cool to give your bridesmaids or if you're just in search of a cool and unique gift... this would be perfect because there are a variety of purse styles to meet your customizing budget. P.S. they do give gift cards!}

{WARNING: building a purse is addictive and you will, be wanting to do more than maybe your budget will allow}

Let's continue...

The next place I visited I'm sure many are familiar with. A friend hipped me to this site a few years ago. Check out 1154 Lill Studio online and you will be overwhelmed with the styles and fabric choices you can select from.

This site is also great for gift giving but also some of the totes are perfect for a new mommy or mommy to be to stuff baby things into. Plus, mommy's need stylish bags too! Another place that is like 1154 Lill Studio is Oney bags.

{Baby shower gift idea: customized bag and fill with some wonderful baby necessities and stuff into the bag--mommy to be will be so delighted}

If you haven't had enough purse shopping, visit this little site I found of lovely stylish handbags by Allison Abney

Then visit Stephanie Johnson and shop to your hearts content.


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