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>> Sunday, August 5, 2007

This weekend I watched drones of parents and children descend upon Target and other stores for school supplies. List in hand and baskets filled with paper, pencils, pens, notebooks etc. While I did indulge in color pencils (for work of course), If you're like me, you want your desk to have some style. Plus why not indulge a little and style your desk with some character, fun and style. {image from russell+hazel}

I love cool container to house my pens, pencils etc and these decorative pencil cups have character and style.

Need a new mouse pad? This Thomas Paul Mouse and note pad is fabulous because while you're clicking through websites and visiting blogs there is a ready-made pad of paper to capture your notes to links and sites to visit.

Usually when I need a pad of paper it's never close by, so I've started buying pads in bulk and leaving them practically everywhere. These No. 2 scratch pads are simple,cute and perfect note takers.

I love little organizers that I can keep with me when I'm out shopping and see something I like and want to write down a name, website or price. These accordion organizers are perfect to hold receipts, and little pieces of papers and take note for an impromptu meeting.

Do you make a To Do list? Do you follow it? well maybe if you struggle to keep track of your list of things to do, think about these Russell+Hazel to do post it notes.

Every desk needs a good pen. So why refuse your office of a key necessity. You can still keep your every day pens but these pens to take notes at a key meeting or to keep you festive as you pay bills. These pens are so pretty and come in a variety of styles how can you refuse yourself at least one?

If I'm going to include pens I can't forget about pencils. The Kate Spade favorite solid pencils are lovely and will compliment any desk. If you need to have a desk diversion while your working hard these smencils are perfect. These pencils smell like cherries, bubble gum, cinnamon and more and while we are all grown up every once in a while we need something fun to make those days at the desk be a bit sweeter.

When I was in elementary school, every school supply I could get scented I would and I LOVED it! Well these scented erasers will allow for a little bit of the kid in you to sneak out and go a head and smell them everyone does it!

Now I know Staples, Office Depot and Office Max will do when you need the basics but sometimes we need a little more than basic and these cool supplies make you the envy of everyone.


Kelly Mahoney August 5, 2007 at 8:53 PM  

Back to school shopping is my favorite! I don't get to do much of that as a grad student, but I think I'll miss it when it's all over with.

People St.Clair August 5, 2007 at 9:58 PM  

hey apple have you found out about your page?

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