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>> Thursday, August 9, 2007

When you love something you should just say it. I love this picture. It is gorgeous don't you think? Well I like other blogs have written about our love for the style, beauty, elegance and simple subtleties of this picture. Question. When you're reading a magazine and see a picture or object that you like do you immediately look to the credits to find out where to buy it or who styled the lovely picture? Me Too! For years I've seen the name Rebecca Thuss next to many of my favorite Martha Stewart Wedding photo spreads that I was delighted to learn {via Frolic; Faye and Greer; Orange Beautiful} of her website/online portfolio that I couldn't help but share too! Take a look at the site it's full of glorious pretty things, ideas and eye candy. If you're building a wedding inspiration board, or just need creative inspiration this site has plenty of ideas that you will love. Enjoy a few more of my favorite pictures. {images from Rebecca Thuss website}


blushing apples August 10, 2007 at 2:04 AM  

the dress is lovely, and so are the other photos! I have the habit of writting all of the websites and/or names in the magazines i read to later search them!

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