Who Needs a Bridal Portrait?

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

In my recent blog discoveries I landed on a lovely blog called Toast and Tables for brides trying to determine how to design your registry, click over to this blog and check it out. Well, I was doing my normal daily reads and noticed the header to the toast and tables blog and saw this exquisite illustration of a bridal gown. Now, immediately my mind started running with ideas of what I could do with these lovely designs. I admit I was so obsessed I did a google search. Then I emailed toast and tables and learned that so many questions were being asked about these lovely illustrations that the artist would be featured on the blog. I waited with anticipation (and excitement) to learn all about where I could find these lovely designs. As a girl who loves fashion these are by far the best illustrations I've seen, so Lovely Miss Bride, instead of displaying the "traditional" bridal portrait, why not have a gorgeous illustration of you in your dress for guest to gawk over. You'll get points for creativity and originality and everyone will give you the title of stylish trendsetter –but you know that already.

{Want your own illustration? Contact Brooke Hagel @ fabulousdoodles@gmail.com Need a story link to read more yourself visit the toast and tables blog.}

Thanks Toast and Tables for answering everyone's question!


Sarah Dennis July 21, 2007 at 8:03 AM  

Thanks so much for checking out Toast and Tables, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post about Brooke's illustrations. They're fab-u-lous aren't they!

BTW, your music mix list is fierce! I love every artist you mentioned - - - If you love Maysa, check out Hill St. Soul, Conya Doss and new artist Chrisette Michele.

Looking forward to hearing more about People St. Clair.

Thanks for the email.

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