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>> Saturday, July 21, 2007

I was reading my latest domino magazine and saw a feature on the last page that I had to bite called 10 things that make me happy. Here at Pretty Little Things it's obvious that a lot of stuff can make me happy so why not share it. Here's the 10 things I'm lovin' Enjoy!

*Lovely invitations {ceciny.com} best invites you can find! * Cupcakes {sprinklescupcakes.com} anyone that is making a cupcake, I'm ready to enjoy them with you. * Fonts {veer.com} anything with curves and swirls I love. * The Astrid chair from athropologie {anthropologie.com } it's colorful, funky and full of conversation.* Office Supplies yes I'm a junkie for supplies and these delicious binders make taking notes fun! {russellandhazel.com} *This Purse its totally designer and I'm not always one who things every purse in my collection must be designer what I love is its functionality and my ability to fill it up with my lovely stuff. Here are the details if you must know {Bottega Veneta daily tote bag found on www.bagsnob.com} Yummy! This Dress is perfect with any shoe and for any occasion just dress it up with a strappy sandal for night and any other show for casual. {jcrew.com Jersey-knit garden dress} Any dress that looks like this I'm lovin'* My latest obsession a Wedge Heel so these peep-toe shoes from J. Crew are fabulous! { Etta suede peep-toe wedges jcrew.com} The color combo of Pink and Teal is my new favorite Color Combo. This room displays why these colors are so great together {image from House Beautiful magazine via absolutely beautiful things blog}*Paper I love all types of paper with prints without prints and love using paper in designs as envelope liners and accents to invitations or for giftwrap.{dehaven giftwrap paper from heidi}


perfectbound July 26, 2007 at 5:30 PM  

Hi! Thanks for listing my blog, perfect bound. I too am such a domino fan. I won't let it out of my site until I've read the whole issue, twice! I love your take on their back page. you've inspired me to try the same.

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